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FNF Canada is a service provider, delivering customized solutions for mortgage and loan related services to Canadian lenders and financial institutions. Our SmartChoice Suite allows us to facilitate all aspects of mortgage transactions including title insurance (through Chicago Title), document processing, property tax management and appraisal management services.

The SmartChoice Suite is comprised of four major service areas.

Each area has specific managed service offerings that integrate throughout the life cycle of a mortgage closing – from appraisal request through to transaction funding, registration and discharge.

FNF Canada provides several mortgage settlement related services that can be used individually, bundled as a comprehensive program or blended with a bank’s internally managed functions to provide an end-to-end solution for mortgage settlement.
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These Services Include:

  • Title Insured Closing Services for Refinances, Lines of Credit and Transfers/Switches
  • Purchase Transaction Instructing and Funding
  • Transfer Out Service
  • Mortgage Discharge Fulfillment
  • Other Ancillary Services and Projects
FNF Canada is an industry leader in new and innovative Appraisal Management solutions, providing national lenders, insurers and brokers with full service solutions for residential appraisal products.
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These Services include:

  • Full appraisals
  • Drive by appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals
  • Hybrid appraisals
  • Total Quality Appraisal Designations
  • Total Quality Property Scores
The issuance of a title insurance policy by Chicago Title, our affiliated underwriter, provides comprehensive protection for customers, including protection for priority of the mortgage, errors in the public record, fraud and forgery, survey related issues, and other matters which may not be completely mitigated by a lawyer, notary, or the service provider.
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FNF Canada provides a full service, national Property Tax Reporting suite of services. Lenders can choose to outsource this business process and lawyers/notaries can choose to use it as a transactional service.
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These Services include:

  • Tax Account Reporting
  • Tax Status Reporting
  • Tax Verification
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