Our Brand Story

The Market is changing our customers are evolving and the way we work is transforming and so is our brand.

In the early 1990’s our founders in Canada pioneered the concept of standardized and centrally serviced transaction management for mortgage processing.  There was an opportunity, as compared to the traditional method, to perform this work more efficiently and cost effectively for financial institutions and their clients.  Our first lender program was formally awarded to us at that time by a major Canadian financial institution, which we have proudly retained as a client since that time. Today, with five offices coast to coast and over 200 employees, FNF Canada operates in every region of Canada.

As a leading provider of mortgage and loan related services and technology to the lending and real estate industries we recognized the need to evolve the way we represent the full range of our solutions while highlighting the depth, strength and flexibility of the company. The market has changed our customers continue to evolve, the way we work has transformed and so must our brand. To support our future growth we have undertaken a national rebranding initiative.

This new branding for FNF Canada encompasses the solid and traditional foundation of our past and the dynamic nature of our service delivery today, bringing these things together to create a transformed company brand and exciting suite of products.  Newly designed logos and business identifiers have been created to establish a national vision for the company that further strengthens long-term strategic partnerships while continuing to align with our customer’s evolving needs.

Our Company Logo

A traditional leaf reflects our long standing and established relationship with our Canadian clients.  Simple, yet complex, the leaf’s new depth and dimensions bring life and individuality to our brand, and our commitment to the future as a service provider to financial institutions.

Our Solutions

Our Products and Services have many sides, are multifaceted and flexible, add depth and experience, yet they are individual identities that can stand alone or come together as a larger suite. They are built on a sound and solid base,  a polygon box represents the SMART Choice Suite of  products, technology and services.

Our new brand encompasses where we have been, where we are and where we are going. Symbols of strength with a passion to serve set us apart.