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The issuance of a title insurance policy by Chicago Title, our affiliated underwriter, provides comprehensive protection for clients including protecting the priority of the security, errors in the public record, fraud and forgery, survey related issues and other matters which may not otherwise be completely mitigated.

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A title insurance policy ensures your transaction will close quickly and smoothly.

All transactions completed by FNF Canada are accompanied by a policy of title insurance that is issued and underwritten by Chicago Title Insurance Company. As proven experts in underwriting across Canada, Chicago Title Insurance Company has developed underwriting guidelines and standards for FNF Canada that, along with our integration, allow for seamless title solutions and immediate issuance of policies.

Chicago Title Insurance Policy

A loan title insurance policy from Chicago Title, which forms part of the FNF Canada service, provides a lender with comprehensive protection in over 30 heads of coverage, including errors in the public record, issues associated with fraud and forgery, lack of a survey or survey errors, matters that cannot be mitigated by a lawyer in an efficient and timely manner.

The Chicago Title Loan Policy provides protection against loss or damage up to 125% of the registered mortgage amount. Some benefits of the policy include:

  • Smooth, seamless and effortless transactions
  • Confidence in the knowledge and expertise of our skilled team of underwriters
  • Security of partnering with the world’s largest title insurer

The Chicago Title policy remains in effect for as long as the security is registered on title and insures the registration gap to permit instant funding and provides coverage against:

Fraud and forgery

  • Fraudulent discharge of the security
  • Borrower fraud and forgery, including post-policy coverage
  • Coverage from previous fraud involving the land

Issues with the title or the insured security

  • Invalidity or unenforceability of insured security
  • Unmarketability of title
  • Defects in the title
  • Errors in the land titles records
  • Priority of liens or encumbrances
  • Failure to obtain or inadequacy of independent legal advice

Survey Matters

  • Defects that would have been revealed by an up-to-date survey
  • Encroachments onto adjoining lands and/or easements
  • Unregistered easements

Municipal bylaw matters

  • Lack of a legal right of access to/from the land
  • Violation of zoning setback requirements
  • Violation of municipal zoning by-laws
  • Inability to use property for single family residential purposes
  • Contravention of registered restrictions, subdivision, development and other agreements

Chicago Title assumes the legal fees associated with a covered title risk further to its duty to defend contained in each title insurance policy issued with the FNF Canada services.

Our diverse resume in Canada has built a trusted reputation across the country.  We know that being able to close your transaction quickly and smoothly is of utmost importance.

With FNF Canada’s mortgage settlement solutions, including the benefits of a Chicago Title policy, you can rely on the security and protection offered by North America’s largest and most respected title insurer.

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