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At FNF Canada, we’re homeowners, too. And, just like your clients, we also have mortgages. We understand the shift in the Canadian real estate market, and we were driven to create cost-effective, best-in-class real estate-related services for all Canadians.

Brokers’ Choice Services

A live team dedicated to answering your urgent or general inquiries from 9AM – 5 PM across all provinces. We are dedicated Title Specialists with experience on all lender services, where we will dedicate our time and attention to your day-to-day file needs. In a world full of automation, Brokers’ Choice provides a personal experience with human touch.

For all inquiries call 1-888-814-4005.  For after hours, sign-in to our Broker Connect Plus portal, see below for details.


One portal to order and track appraisals and monitor settlement files

Brokers’ Choice provides Appraisal Management and Mortgage Settlement services to the Canadian Mortgage Broker industry. Through our dynamic and intuitive Broker Connect Plus portal brokers and agents can directly order appraisals and view all settlement files.

  • Milestone notifications
  • Real time updates
  • Direct two way appraisal communication
  • View appraisal reports (upon completion and where allowed by lender)
  • View all settlement files in real time

Appraisal Services: As an Appraisal Management Company since 2006 we have a large panel of appraisers in all Canadian markets. We understand the nuances and requirements of each lender and have a dedicated team in our head office supporting our national Regional Management team. Our no-surprise, fixed fee model provides unprecedented pricing certainty to the broker community. Our appraiser relationships and head office expertise ensures that your orders are quickly assigned and acted upon.

Settlement Services: For many of your favourite lenders we provide refinancing and switch services at a cost that is advantageous to your clients and lenders alike. Our expertise in providing these services since 1994 is backed up with leading industry technology, seasoned executive leadership and a dedicated staff that know the process and intricacies of each lender.

To get connected to Broker’s Choice Desk email

You can also self register to our Connect Plus portal by clicking here.

Use the Axiom Scarlett to order your appraisals directly with no additional rekeying!

Follow your appraisal and mortgage settlement files in real-time!

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We provide national coverage through our team of experienced Regional Managers.

General Inquiries


Appraisals Service Team (Brokers)
Toll-free: 1-877-517-2769
Fax: 1-888-821-0654
100-55 Superior Blvd, Mississauga, ON, L5T 2X9

Mortgage Settlement Services
(All Broker Inquires)

Toll-free: 1-888-814-4005

FNF IT Support

IT Help Desk

Toll-free: 1-866-826-7112

Contact your Regional Manager

National (all provinces except Quebec)

Alex Elliott

National Account Manager, Appraisals
Cell: 416-518-0477

Clara Magalhaes

Broker Advisor
Toll-free: 1-888-814-4005 ext 24191

Ontario Southwest

James Friesen

Senior Sales Manager, Lending Solutions
Cell: 289-527-6409

Ontario Central North

Brendan Putnam

Regional Manager, Lending Solutions
(GTA, West GTA, North Muskoka, Northern Ontario)
Cell: 416-459-7114

Ontario Central

John Paul Webster

Regional Manager, Lending Solutions
(Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Durham)
Cell: 647-528-7251

Ontario East and Atlantic Provinces

James Friesen

Senior Sales Manager, Lending Solutions
Cell: 289-527-6409

British Columbia

Eddie Gan

Regional Manager, Lending Solutions
Cell: 236-335-7103


Eddie Gan

Regional Manager, Lending Solutions
Cell: 236-335-7103


Marco Beauregard

Director, Business Development (Lending Solutions and Appraisals)
Toll-free: 514-236-8347

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