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FNF Canada is an industry leader in new and innovative Appraisal Management solutions, providing national lenders, insurers and brokers with full service solutions for residential appraisal products.

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These Services Include:

  • Full appraisals
  • Drive by appraisals
  • Desktop appraisals
  • Total Quality Appraisal Designations
  • Total Quality Property Scores

FNF Canada has emerged as the industry leader in new and innovative Appraisal Management solutions, providing national lenders, insurers and brokers with full service solutions for residential appraisal products through our Appraisal Plus brand.

Appraisal Plus encompasses a dynamic and fully customizable Appraisal Management solution that facilitates quick and efficient order processing and delivery. Appraisal Plus also combines fully automated business rules with dedicated customer service support to create the precise balance between speed, service, risk and quality.

FNF Canada uses only local market Appraisers to provide the highest quality of service in each region. FNF Canada’s quality first, Appraiser friendly approach to Appraisal Management helps to ensure that the highest level of service is provided by our network of over 2,500 appraisers.

FNF Canada is continuously evolving and growing to meet the changing needs of the market and to ensure that we continue to keep the needs of our customers at the forefront.

FNF Canada provides a full suite of appraisal products including Full, Desk Top, Drive By, Progress Inspections, Mobile Home Inspections, 3rd party Automated Valuation Models (AVM), and Hybrid Appraisals.

Inquire about our Hybrid Appraisal Service today.  The Hybrid appraisal:

  • Combines the speed of a desktop report with the point value and risk profile of a Full Appraisal; and is
  • Completed in one business day

Our National network of over 2,500 Appraisers ensures that local appraisers are used at all times to ensure valuations are representative of local market knowledge.

FNF Canada has long been a strong proponent of reinvestment in its business through enhancements in automation and innovation to ensure we are able to provide leading edge technology and most competitive processes for our clients which include;

  • Dedicated Client and Appraiser portals that facilitate ordering, file progression, communication and appraisal report delivery
  • Mobile App
  • Development of our Datalytics functionality
  • Expansion of risk reporting
  • Development of detailed Market Trend and Portfolio analytics

Creation of Business Intelligence Reporting function

Customer Service

The FNF Canada culture is predicated on exemplary customer service.  FNF Canada employees are dedicated and trained customer service specialists and the appraisal team has extensive tenure fostering strong, long term customer relationships.  To further ensure the successful development of customer relationships, FNF Canada will provides clients with a multi level support matrix to ensure that at each step of the appraisal process, clients feel connected to FNF Canada.

The senior management team at FNF Canada has extensive appraisal management experience and FNF Canada employs experienced Appraisers within our appraisal management team for quality review, discussions with Appraisers and value variance assessments.


FNF Canada has the most technologically advanced and comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities in the industry. We can provide clients with standard or customized national, provincial or local data in a user friendly format that includes operational level or summarized reports, to in-depth data analysis using the latest Business Intelligence and data modeling methodologies.


FNF Canada provides fully customized reporting and analytics outlining service level performance measurements (Turn Around Time) across a variable array of dimensions, including time dimensional hierarchies (monthly/quarterly/annually) that include seasonality analysis, geographical dimensional hierarchies (region/province/municipality/FSA/postal code), as well as client, product, program, program type, appraisal service and city category, with analysis on Urban/Rural categories, Refinance vs. Purchase and Drive By vs. Full Appraisals.

Appraisal Reports

FNF Canada’s appraisal report delivery process is simple, efficient and secure.  Completed appraisal reports are available to clients through FNF Connect and are securely download with access customized to the user level.


FNF Canada believes in using Appraisers with local knowledge.  Utilizing only local market Appraisers, particularly in remote and rural areas, ensures the highest level of quality and service and fosters a respectful and loyal relationship between FNF Canada and the regional Appraisers. We prioritize local knowledge and expertise over a lower appraisal fee, which in turn provides our clients with the most accurate and credible valuation with the quickest turnaround time.


  • Experience (Since 2007)
  • Technology Platform (Streamlined Approach)
  • Knowledgeable staff (Service)
  • Resources managed and selected by FNF Canada (Appraiser Network)
  • All aspects managed by FNF Canada
  • National coverage
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Expedited turnaround time
  • Maximum report quality

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