FNF Canada has developed a reputation amongst its clients for developing innovative, industry leading technology solutions.

We have a track record for implementing tools quickly and efficiently in order to facilitate our clients’ need to solve process problems or capitalize upon opportunities.  Our technology solutions deliver an enhanced user experience and improve integration with our partners.

We have  built the industry’s leading web based national processing system that exists in Canada for handling of mortgage closings and appraisal management.  This technology has provided clients with the ability to close their transactions quickly and effectively.

The Technology Platform includes:

  • sophisticated business rules
  • document management and storage
  • comprehensive audit and controls

Our clients access these platforms through our  complementary client portal and mobile application.

With a strong emphasis placed on enhancing our technologies, we work to ensure our comprehensive system is flexible, aligns with our client’s needs and continues to offer the best solutions to support their business.

FNF Connect Logo

FNF Connect is a white-labeled online platform that can be accessed via our clients desktops. This portal allows a connection to one or multiple SMARTChoice Suite services, and allows our clients to begin, monitor, and close out work requests necessary in a mortgage settlement and appraisal process.

FNF Canada’s BrokerConnect is an online portal where brokers can access real-time information from lenders regarding the status of the real estate transaction and the associated loan. This portal facilitates communication between FNF Canada settlement services, the lender, and the real estate broker.

Broker Connect Logo
Appraiser Connect Logo

FNF Canada’s AppraiserConnect is an online portal used by a network of appraisers to receive appraisal job requests, accept jobs, and provide the final appraisal product back to the lender.