PICKERING, ON, May 11, 2016FNF Canada and MPAC, are pleased to announce the launch of a promotional offering on the Subject Property Detail Report.

“FNF Canada is pleased to continue to work in partnership with MPAC to deliver innovative solutions for Appraisers. Our promotional pricing for detailed property reports demonstrates FNF`s continued commitment to supporting and working in partnership with the appraisal industry,” commented Brian Bell, Vice President of Product Development at FNF Canada.


“MPAC is pleased to be able to make this offer for a limited time to real estate appraisers across Ontario,” said Lee Taylor, Executive Director of Business Development. “With access to this residential property data at a reduced fee, we hope real estate appraisers take advantage of the price break and it’s advantageous for their business.”

FNF Canada continues to work with appraisal industry partners to create economical and efficient ways to meet the property data needs of appraisers across the province. The Subject Property Detail Report was created to provide appraisers with convenient access to pertinent residential property details, including Teranet land registry data and MPAC property assessment records through a single source. The benefits of the report include:

  • Three-year sales history
  • Square footage information for all levels of the primary structure
  • Current Value Assessment with Property Tax Estimate
  • Garage and Secondary Structure Details

During this limited-time offer period, feedback from our appraisal industry partners will help to ensure the Subject Property Detail Report meets the needs of appraisers, and create a reliable and cost-effective data solution for their business needs. Please send any comments or feedback to us at propertyline@fnf.ca – we look forward to hearing from you.  


For more information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity, please visit: http://www.fnf.ca/propertyline


Media Enquiries
Cathy Ranieri Sweenie
Director, Public Affairs


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Media Relations Specialist


Business Development Enquiries

1 866 296-MPAC (6722)
TTY 1 877 889-MPAC (6722)


About MPAC

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation, responsible for assessing and classifying more than five million properties in Ontario in compliance with the Assessment Act established by the Government of Ontario.

Every four years MPAC conducts a province-wide assessment update to determine the Current Value Assessment for all properties which municipalities use to set property tax rates.

For more information about MPAC and the full Property Assessment Notice mailing schedule visit mpac.ca


About FNF Canada

With over 25 years of trusted service, FNF Canada is an innovative provider of national mortgage, appraisal and loan related services to large and small Canadian lenders. We specialize in facilitating all aspects of a mortgage transaction, including title insurance, document processing, property tax management, appraisal management and valuations services. Our exclusive end to end solution suite is unmatched in the industry, seamlessly integrating all FNF services on a single platform which provides our customers with the complete transaction life cycle.

For more information about FNF Canada, visit www.fnf.ca

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