Broker’s Choice

Broker’s Choice. A premier service offered by FNF Canada that is dedicated to all mortgage originators.

Although we are a service provider, FNF Canada is much more to our clients. We engage in a motivated approach to grow our brokers business along with our own. Our service is succinct and goes beyond the completion of a mortgage transaction.

One of the overarching goals of Broker’s Choice is to work with our clients, provide them with all of the necessary tools they need to be successful, and connect everyone and every transaction full-circle.

In doing so, we provide a service that includes:

  • A professional, dedicated customer service team with a sound working understanding of the business, and the market.
  • A national toll-free contact number for Brokers and Agents. This number will connect you to a Broker’s Choice  customer service representative to assist you with any of your needs.
  • A Broker’s Choice email address so your clients can email their questions or concerns directly to a Broker’s Choice representative.
  • Access to our industry leading Broker’s Connect portal technology.
  • Access to the FNF Connect Mobile App, keeping you connected and up-to-date whenever and wherever you go.

Refinance Program:

There are many reasons people chose to refinance a mortgage, and each situation is different from the next. The terms and conditions of a refinance may vary from province to province, and even take in economic factors prudent to a specific transaction.

With Broker’s Choice, FNF Canada ensures:

  • Confidence and peace of mind
    – FNF Canada has been processing refinance transactions for over 20 years and fulfil over 250,000   transactions annually.
  • Ease and convenience
    – Document signing done at the convenience of your Borrower. Our nationwide network of remote signors will go to their home or business, the Broker’s office, etc; evenings and weekends. (Note: Lawyer/Notary required in BC and Quebec).
  • Cost efficient practices
    – Often times, our refinance program can save the Borrower hundreds of dollars.
  • Price predictability
    – There will be no be surprises at closing. FNF Canada will notify your Borrower if anomalies are found prior to the signing appointment.
  • Deal status communication
    – Broker Connect portal technology and the FNF Connect mobile app track your deals in real-time so you are always aware of the status.
  • Control of the Deal
    – Limit the opportunity to have the deal frustrated by a 2nd party.

Switch/ Transfer Program:

A switch or transfer mortgage entails the movement of your mortgage from one lender to another lender without changing or altering any of the particulars aside from the term and the interest rate. A switch or transfer is beneficial in some cases when your client wants to take advantage of lower interest rates, but it is important to ensure a smooth process.

FNF Canada ensures the process is well-organized by:

  • Completing the title search, while preparing all the mortgage documents.
  • Requesting and reviewing the payout statement. Further, FNF pays out the financial institution.
  • Reviewing the file with the Borrower prior to closing of the mortgage.
  • When required, our remote signer will meet the Borrower at their home or business, on evenings and weekends as warranted. (Note: Lawyer/Notary required in BC and Quebec)
  • Funding of the mortgage. We will also contact the Borrower to confirm the files completion to avoid future discrepancies.
  • Completes the registration and reporting of the switch/ transfer mortgage.
  • Issues a Lender title insurance policy

Our industry leading Broker Connect portal and mobile app gives brokers a unique user name which provides them the ability to monitor all of their transactions.

The portal and mobile app also:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
    – With an experienced team, the Broker Connect portal and the FNF Connect Mobile app, FNF Canada offers the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout every step of the transaction.
  • Improve communication
    – Current status updates are available for all transactions through the Broker Connect portal and FNF Connect mobile app, which provides brokers with an efficient form of communication for all matters pertaining to the transaction.
  • Enhance real time information
    – Broker Connect and the FNF Connect mobile app are always available providing real time updates on all deals.

FNF Canada is more than a service provider. We are committed and highly motivated to grow your business beyond the typical means of business development. By supporting our brokers, we provide them with the right tools and services to excel in the field.

Our passion to serve sets us apart from the other service provider in the industry. Your customers are our customers, and we take pride in serving our customers with the highest level of service in the industry. With Broker’s choice, both you and your clients are in excellent hands.

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